Creatively supporting mental health.

There’s only one true ‘TED’, but we hope to help a little during these challenging times.

Positive ideas come from the strangest places. Sometimes they even come from puns. Who knew?

You see, when we were encouraged to self-isolate here in the UK, the challenge to our advertising industry soon became apparent. Agency budgets were slashed, conferences postponed, some events, talks and get-togethers were canceled completely.

It is no secret: the social and financial impact of the coronavirus will be felt for some time to come, even as the curve flattens. Continued self-isolation will mean people all around the country lose out on learning from industry experts and miss the opportunity to share their own ideas as well.

With this in mind, it seemed like a good idea to create a platform where people could do talks from isolation for people in isolation. That the word ‘isolated’ happens to feature ‘TED’ – the single most famous resource for talks – was impossible not to parody.

And so ISOLATED Talks® was born, with the simple aim of helping to share ideas while in isolation.

But make no mistake, we are in no way affiliated with TED.

However, we do actively encourage everyone who visits here to also visit Bookmark it, in fact. The work TED do in promoting the spread of ideas is fundamental and inspiring.

Indeed, as well as helping raise mental health awareness and support our partner organisations, through this project, we hope our loving pastiche here will also serve to remind people of the importance of TED’s work in publishing “ideas worth spreading”.

Still, while there is only one true ‘TED’, we do hope we can help in their mission during these challenging times. As we do, we hope we can give fellow creatives in isolation some much needed mental support, and those on the frontline the financial support they so crucially need.

But we can’t do it without your help.

We hope in visiting this platform you find an ISOLATED Talk® that inspires you and we hope you’re able to support one of our charity partners, share a talk, or remember to check in with a friend or family member.

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