We're proud to work with organisations of all sizes, from local communities to worldwide corporations, creatively supporting mental health.

Find out more about how we are working with them.

Charity Partners


Our first charity partner and with us from the very start, we collaborate with them on supporting mental health at a time when the pandemic is having a profound social, psychological and economic impact on all our lives. Samaritans is carrying out important research into this impact, and we have plans for future events in partnership with them.

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Media Partners

Clear Channel

One of the UK's leading Out Of Home (OOH) advertising media owners, Clear Channel has been hugely generous and supported our first campaign across their vast network as our national media partner. We also collaborate with them to support universities, students and young creatives in getting into the industry at a time when those young people and institutions have their own crisis to deal with, as well as supporting mental health in the workplace.

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Mass Media

Based just around the corner from ISOLATED Talks® HQ, Mass Media is our local media partner, supporting us with advertising space on their DOOH network in the local area.

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Startle create pitch-perfect customer experiences by harnessing the power of music + tech + science for brands in the retail and hospitality industries (and beyond). They have helped us by using their scientific data on psychological responses to music to power ISOLATED Talks® Radio with music that helps you to stay calm and connected, morning, noon and night.

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Creative Advertising
University of Lincoln

We collaborated by inviting the students at the university to respond to our brief for the advertising we place with Clear Channel, giving them a great chance and platform to show and hone their talent, creatively supporting mental health in the process. It is a two-way relationship where the students share great ideas for campaigns beyond just OOH advertising.

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AD-Cademy will be using our ISOLATED Talks® and making them freely available as part of the courses they run for students, as well as also working with us on our creative advertising campaigns.

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Other Friends


Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events

DICE provides certification and guidance to help conferences and events deliver a representative and diverse set of speakers, perspectives, and attendees. We do this by asking conference and events organisers to sign up to and abide by our DICE Charter.

Isolated Talks Partner DICE

Postcard Colour Club

Devised by Scott Brenman, the wonderful Postcard Colour Club is a simple yet genius concept of sending postcards to bring calm, colour, connection & improved mental health to yours and other people’s lives. Scott designed an exclusive postcard just for ISOLATED Talks®, with all profits going to the Samaritans.

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The founding ‘proper’ marketing agency that helped come up with the very idea of ISOLATED Talks® in the beginning, Gasp lends support to the entire project and campaign in the form of anything and everything, from video editing to copywriting.

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gem Higgins

gem is a long-standing cheerleader of a lot of the industry creatives that donated talks, yet is also (at least) equally as talented herself. Her talk, ‘Sit Fucking Still’ is one of the most-watched talks we have, and was a catalyst for this project catapulting onto another level and giving us these amazing new opportunities. gem has also donated her wonderful voice to our Radio station, and if you want more gem, you can find it over at the Rose Hand Files.

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As an extension of their 'Taggbox for Good', the UGC marketing platform has generously donated their Premium Hashtag Product for ISOLATED Talks® Radio and its first special feature, #Sunday7Social. Music makes the people come together on this collaborative Twitter-based listen-along show. Tune in at 7pm Sunday, & every fortnight.

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