Ideas should never be isolated.

Advertising is about sharing ideas. It’s about sharing ideas that inspire us to help others. Ideas that persuade us to think differently. Ideas that reassure us when we feel vulnerable.

But while we find ourselves isolated from each other, sharing ideas is that bit harder. It’s why we’ve created ISOLATED Talks®. Our aim is simple: with your help, we want to keep sharing ideas. By doing so we hope to connect us in times of isolation and support mental health and wellbeing.

We know only too well how many of us are in need of all the support we can get right now.

It’s why we hope you can donate to one of our charity partners, share a talk so others might, make a difference as a Partner organisation, or simply be reminded to check in with a friend or family member.

You’ll find talks here from some of the smartest folks in our industry.

Rory Sutherland, Rosie and Faris Yakob, Dave Trott, Vikki Ross, Jane Evans, Colin Lewis, Tom Goodwin, Amy Kean, Mark Borkowski, Nicole Yershon, Rob Schwartz, JP Castlin and so many more brilliant people are all sharing their ideas and insight from self-isolation in the hope of inspiring you to do the same.

Indeed, we want to encourage you to be involved too. We’ve set it up so you can submit your own ‘isolated talk’ to share with others through this platform. You can find out how to submit your talk at the top of the page under ‘Submit’. Whether you’re a designer or developer, a marketer or media buyer, a creative director or copywriter, like us, you know the positive difference ideas make to people’s lives. We hope you’ll join us in our mission.

Motivated by ideas: How ISOLATED Talks® started

With a loving nod to the wonder that is TED Talks, this idea grew out of a thought Giles Edwards (Founder of Gasp) had to share talks recorded from isolation for people in isolation.

Working with author and copywriter, Glenn Fisher (All Good Copy), they set about bringing together a broad range of industry experts to get the ball rolling and share their ideas and insight from isolation.

Meanwhile, designer Tommy Mason (Studio Mason) and developer Matt Ballington (Kober Digital) went about designing and building the helpful platform you find yourself on now.

The response to the project has been incredible from the start and we can’t thank all of the speakers who have contributed to this project enough.

Initially a fundraiser in support of the Samaritans, ISOLATED Talks® has since grown to work with several Partners, organisations big and small, to creatively support mental health.

And we still, of course, strongly encourage you to support the vital work of the Samaritans. And, please, get in touch with friends and family and ask how they are. Listening makes talking easier.

The Creators

Giles-Edwards Giles Edwards Founder, ...Gasp!

Watch Giles' Talk

Glenn Fisher Glenn Fisher Founder, All Good Copy

Watch Glenn's Talk

Tommy Mason Tommy Mason Designer, Scamp Studio
Matt Ballington Matt Ballington Developer, Kober Digital

The Speakers

Dave Trott Dave Trott Creative Director

Watch Dave's Talk

Rosie Yakob Rosie Yakob Co-Founder, Genius Steals

Watch Rosie's Talk

Rob Schwartz Rob Schwartz CEO, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY

Watch Rob's Talk

Rory Sutherland Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK

Watch Rory's Talk

Theo Priestley Theo Priestley Keynote Speaker, Futurist

Watch Theo's Talk

Jp Castlin JP Castlin CEO, Rouser

Watch JP's Talk

Nicole Yershon Nicole Yershon Founder, The NY Collective

Watch Nicole's Talk

Mark Pollard Mark Pollard CEO, Mighty Jungle

Watch Mark's Talk

Sulaiman Khan Sulaiman Khan Founder, ThisAbility Ltd.

Watch Sulaiman's Talk

Amy Kean Amy Kean Innovation Director, &us

Watch Amy's Talk

Mark Denton Mark Denton Creative Boss, COY!

Watch Mark's Talk

Jane Evans Jane Evans Founder, Uninvisibility

Watch Jane's Talk

Colin Lewis Colin Lewis CMO

Watch Colin's Talk

Mac And Moore Mac+Moore Founders, Mac+Moore

Watch Mac+Moore's Talk

Faris Yakob Faris Yakob Co-Founder, Genius Steals

Watch Faris' Talk

Richard Hammond Richard Hammond Author & CEO, Uncrowd

Watch Richard's Talk

Samuel Brealey Samuel Brealey Marketing Consultant

Watch Samuel's Talk

Danielle Read Danielle Read Creative Director, Readcity

Watch Danielle's Talk

Derek Walker Derek Walker Owner, Brown & Browner

Watch Derek's Talk

Mark Borkowski Mark Borkowski Founder, Borkowski

Watch Mark's Talk

Dr Stefanie Johnson Dr Stefanie Johnson Professor, Uni of Colarado

Watch Stefanie's Talk

Samuel Scott Samuel Scott Keynote Speaker

Watch Samuel's Talk

Vikki Ross Vikki Ross Copy Chief

Watch Vikki's Talk

Matt Watkinson Matt Watkinson Keynote Speaker, Methodical

Watch Matt's Talk

Eaon Pritchard Eaon Pritchard Founder, ArtScienceTechnology

Watch Eaon's Talk

Kate Toon Kate Toon Speaker, Author, Copywriter

Watch Kate's Talk

Dave Harland Dave Harland Copywriter, The Word Man

Watch Dave's Talk

Wiemer Snijders Wiemer Snijders Partner, The Commercial Works

Watch Wiemer's Talk

Trevor Robinson Obe Trevor Robinson OBE Owner, Quiet Storm

Watch Trevor's Talk

Ryan Wallman Ryan Wallman Creative Director, Wellmark

Watch Ryan's Talk

Dave Dye Dave Dye CCO & Founder, LOVE or FEAR

Watch Dave's Talk

Stevyn Colgan Stevyn Colgan Author, Artist & Speaker

Watch Stevyn's Talk

Andrew Spurrier Dawes Andrew Spurrier-Dawes Global Dig. Director, MediaCom

Watch Andrew's Talk

James Cross James Cross Creative Director, BBC

Watch James' Talk

Russell Parsons Russell Parsons Editor, Marketing Week

Watch Russell's Talk

Nick Ellis Nick Ellis Founder, Halo

Watch Nick's Talk

Rob Campbell Rob Campbell Head of Strategy, R/GA

Watch Rob's Talk

John Lyons John Lyons Head of Strategy, NDL Group

Watch John's Talk

Claudia Salador Claudia Salador Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Watch Claudia's Talk

Reuben Turner Reuben Turner Co-Founder, GOOD Agency

Watch Reuben's Talk

John Forde John Forde Copywriter

Watch John's Talk

Paul Bailey Paul Bailey Strategy Director, Halo

Watch Paul's Talk

Uri Baruchin Uri Baruchin Brand Consultant, UBCS Ltd.

Watch Uri's Talk

Paul Pilbeam Paul Pilbeam Co-Founder, Mongrel Creative

Watch Paul's Talk

Stef Hamerlinck Stef Hamerlinck Founder, Let's Talk Branding

Watch Stef's Talk

Jerry Daykin Jerry Daykin EMEA Media Director, GSK

Watch Jerry's Talk

Rachel Mercer Rachel Mercer VP Head of Strategy, R/GA

Watch Rachel's Talk

Shann Biglione Shann Biglione Head of Strategy, Zenith

Watch Shann's Talk

Gemma Higgins gem Higgins Copywriter

Watch gem's Talk

Rob Estreitinho Rob Estreitinho Senior Strategist, VCCP Kin

Watch Rob's Talk

Manley Hopkinson Manley Hopkinson Founder, CLA

Watch Manley's Talk

Gareth Price Gareth Price Brand Strategist

Watch Gareth's Talk

Andrew Boulton Andrew Boulton Lecturer, Uni of Lincoln

Watch Andrew's Talk

Bogdana Butnar Bogdana Butnar Experience Director, Accenture

Watch Bogdana's Talk

Zoe Scaman Zoe Scaman Head of Strategy, Ridley Scott

Watch Zoe's Talk

Scott Morrison Scott Morrison Founder, the Boom!

Watch Scott's Talk

Larner Caleb Larner Caleb Creative Director, Creode

Watch Larner's Talk

Matthew Cox Matthew Cox Digital Architect, SYZYGY

Watch Matthew's Talk

Jess Gregson Jess Gregson Partner, Subsector

Watch Jess' Talk

Phil Dearson Phil Dearson Partner, Subsector

Watch Phil's Talk

Paul Armstrong Paul Armstrong Founder, Here/Forth + TBD Conf

Watch Paul's Talk

Rae Workman Rae Workman Volunteer, Samaritans

Watch Rae's Talk

Harriet Kindleysides Harriet Kindleysides Creative Strategist

Watch Harriet's Talk

Paul Mellor Paul Mellor MD, Mellor&Smith

Watch Paul's Talk

Joe Welstead Joe Welstead CEO, Motion Nutrition

Watch Joe's Talk

Brian Macreadie Brian Macreadie Head of Marketing, AG

Watch Brian's Talk

James Caig James Caig Strategy Director

Watch James' Talk

Andy Palmer Andy Palmer Owner, Sell! Sell!

Watch Andy's Talk

Laurel Stark Laurel Stark Akman CD, Next Creative Leaders

Watch Laurel's Talk

Victoria Rosselli Victoria Rosselli Art Director, FCB Chicago

Watch Victoria's Talk

Ian Murray Ian Murray Co-founder, House51

Watch Ian's Talk

Andrew Tenzer Andrew Tenzer Dir. of Grp Insight, Reach Plc

Watch Andrew's Talk

Charlie Quirk Charlie Quirk Cnslt. Brand Strategy, Google

Watch Charlie's Talk

Nick Childs Nick Childs Creative Consultant

Watch Nick's Talk

Ian David Ian David Creative Director, FEARLESS

Watch Ian's Talk

Marc Lewis Marc Lewis Dean, SCA 2.0

Watch Marc's Talk

Sally Chan Sally Chan Snr. Lecturer, Uni of Leeds

Watch Sally's Talk

Shekhar Deshpande Shekhar Deshpande Global Strategy, Facebook

Watch Shekhar's Talk

Paulina Sygulska Paulina Tenner Founder, GrantTree

Watch Paulina's Talk

Murray Calder Murray Calder CSO, MediaCom

Watch Murray's Talk

Roland Gurney Roland Gurney Founder, Treacle Copywriting

Watch Roland's Talk

Jo Wallace Jo Wallace CD, Wunderman Thompson

Watch Jo's Talk

Ask Dabitch Wappling Åsk Dabitch Wäppling Founder, Adland

Watch Åsk's Talk

Oli Yonchev Oliver Yonchev MD (USA), Social Chain

Watch Oliver's Talk

Naomi Taylor Gnome Creative, R/GA

Watch Gnome's Talk

Stephen Waddington Stephen Waddington Managing Director, Metia

Watch Stephen's Talk

Sue Unerman Sue Unerman CTO, MediaCom

Watch Sue's Talk

Andy Nairn Andy Nairn Founder, Lucky Generals

Watch Andy's Talk

Darren Coleman Darren Coleman Consultant, Wavelength Mktg.

Watch Darren's Talk

Dave Birss Dave Birss Speaker & Trainer

Watch Dave's Talk

Mickey Jones Mickey Jones Creative Copywriter

Watch Mickey's Talk

Jason Fox Jason Fox Creative Director, Freelance

Watch Jason's Talk

David Wilding David Wilding Planning Director, Twitter

Watch David's Talk

Alex Guest Alex Guest Marketing Director, Reckless

Watch Alex's Talk

Theo Delaney Theo Delaney Director and Presenter

Watch Theo's Talk

Fredrik Hallberg Fredrik Hallberg Partner, The Commercial Works

Watch Fredrik's Talk

Rob Norman Rob Norman Director,

Watch Rob's Talk

Jessica Fox Jessica Fox TV/Film Director, XpoNorth

Watch Jessica's Talk

Subramanian Ramamoorthy Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy Associate Prof. of Robotics

Watch Subramanian's Talk

Caroline Pankhurst Caroline Pankhurst Founder, Be Braver

Watch Caroline's Talk

Kate Oconnor Kate O'Connor Copywriter, Momentum

Watch Kate's Talk

Creative North Creative North Hampson Nattan Williams

Watch Creative's Talk

Claire Coady Claire Coady Planning/Strategy Director

Watch Claire's Talk

Lazar Dzamic Lazar Dzamic Author & Trainer, Xoogler

Watch Lazar's Talk

Heather Corker Heather Corker Client Partner, Foresight Fac.

Watch Heather's Talk

Harjot Singh Harjot Singh CSO, McCann EMEA

Watch Harjot's Talk

Gavin Strange Gavin Strange Director, Aardman Animations

Watch Gavin's Talk

Graeme Fraser Graeme Fraser GMD, Liquidity Services

Watch Graeme's Talk

Elle Harrison Elle Harrison Founder, Wild Courage

Watch Elle's Talk

Rachel Morgan Trimmer Rachel Morgan-Trimmer Neurodiversity Consultant

Watch Rachel's Talk

Zack Gardner Zack Gardner Copywriter

Watch Zack's Talk

Tom Miskin Tom Miskin Founder, Chop Chop Studios

Watch Tom's Talk

Tim Elliott Tim Elliott Speaker & Strategist

Watch Tim's Talk

Paul Caplan Paul Caplan Course Leader, MA Adv LCC

Watch Paul's Talk

Adam Pierno Adam Pierno AVP Marketing Strategy, ASU

Watch Adam's Talk

Alex Murrell Alex Murrell Strategy Director, Epoch

Watch Alex's Talk

Julie Cortés (1) Julie Cortés Freelance Rockstar

Watch Julie's Talk

Will Humphrey Will Humphrey Strategy Dir, Wunderman Thomps

Watch Will's Talk

Charlotte Philpotts Charlotte Philpotts AD & Strategist, Manifest

Watch Charlotte's Talk

Millie Millie Small Person

Watch Millie's Talk

Richard Chataway Richard Chataway CEO, BVA Nudge Unit

Watch Richard's Talk

Maddie Shine Maddy Shine Making Your Business Shine

Watch Maddy's Talk

Jim Compton Hall Jim Compton-Hall Copywriter, Jim Writes Stuff

Watch Jim's Talk

Sophie Cross Sophie Cross Strategist, Thoughtfully

Watch Sophie's Talk

Camila Toro Camila Toro Strategist, VCCP Kin

Watch Camila's Talk

Joe Glover Joe Glover Founder, The Marketing Meetup

Watch Joe's Talk

Gillian Rightford Gillian Rightford Managing Director, Adtherapy

Watch Gillian's Talk

Kerry Thorpe Kerry Thorpe Head of Comms, Ben & Jerry's

Watch Kerry's Talk

Tom Goodwin Tom Goodwin Founder, All We Have Is Now

Watch Tom's Talk

Sedge Beswick Sedge Beswick MD, SEEN Connects

Watch Sedge's Talk

Jonathan Wilcox Jonathan Wilcock Copywriter, So What If...

Watch Jonathan's Talk

Sarah Townsend Sarah Townsend Copywriter & Author

Watch Sarah's Talk

Julian Cole Julian Cole Strategy Cnslt, Planning Dirty

Watch Julian's Talk

Trisha Lewis Trisha Lewis Communication Coach

Watch Trisha's Talk

Mark Edwards Mark Edwards Mindfulness Coach

Watch Mark's Talk

Kathryn Jacob Kathryn Jacob OBE CEO, Pearl & Dean

Watch Kathryn's Talk

Danny Denhard Danny Denhard Founder, Focus

Watch Danny's Talk

James Hankins James Hankins Founder, Vizer Consulting

Watch James' Talk

Sam Aldridge Samantha Aldridge Director of Experience at GAMC

Watch Samantha's Talk

Paul Hewitt Paul Hewitt Play & Film Writer

Watch Paul's Talk

Scott Brenman (1) Scott Brenman Designer, Postcard Colour Club

Watch Scott's Talk

Marcus John Henry Brown Marcus John Henry Brown Performance Artist, MJHB

Watch Marcus' Talk

James Odene James Odene PR & Marketing Mgr., Startle

Watch James' Talk

Vicky Murray Vicky Murray Mindset Mentor, VMC

Watch Vicky's Talk

Adonye Banigo Adonye Banigo Artist & Singer Songwriter

Watch Adonye's Talk

Molly Baker Molly Baker CEO, Indie Consulting

Watch Molly's Talk

Lior Locher Lior Lorcher Coach & Consultant

Watch Lior's Talk

Simon Akers Simon Akers Founder, Archmon

Watch Simon's Talk

Matt Saunders Matt Saunders Creative Freelance Coach

Watch Matt's Talk

Will Allen Mersh Will Allen-Mersh Head of Brand, Spill

Watch Will's Talk

James Whatley James Whatley CSO, Diva Agency

Watch James' Talk

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