How to Inclusify in a Remote World

Dr Stefanie Johnson
Speaker Dr Stefanie Johnson Professor, Uni of Colarado

A recognized expert on diversity and inclusion, Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson is an associate professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. She received her Ph.D. in 2004 from Rice University.

Her primary research focuses on leadership, including the role of emotions in leadership, diversity and leadership, and the development of leadership. She is particularly interested in the effects of unconscious biases in the evaluation of women and finding ways to mitigate those biases.

Stefanie has published 40 journal articles and book chapters in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and The Academy of Management Journal and has presented her work at over 50 meetings around the world including at the White House for a 2016 summit on diversity in corporate America on National Equal Pay Day and the 2016 Harvard Negotiation and Leadership Conference.

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