A New Hope: Babies, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Business

Matthew Cox
Speaker Matthew Cox Digital Architect, SYZYGY

I’m a life long people watcher. As I got older it just started to make sense to monetise what I’d seen.

I started out my business journey at The Walt Disney Company. Being a big fan of the product initially and then a student of Michael Eisner’s early years and Bob Iger’s reign. Mixing creativity with commercialism to make magic.

This inspired me to reflect Disney magic onto the monotonous corporate systems out there. Initially working in data strategy, then building my knowledge out across communications, customer engagement, brand experience, media, product and service development.

Key projects over that time have included - launching the Tinker Bell franchise on DVD and Blu-ray, launching initial Everything Everywhere digital experiences, launching Virgin Galactic’s brand positioning, creating owner experiences for Jaguar’s Project 7, value proposition development for L&G, Coke and News UK.

Away from big brands I also work with smaller start ups and scale ups that gets me away from specialised briefs to the mixed martial arts of the strategy world, where gestalt is the name of the game.

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