We Don't Have to Melt to Meld

Harjot Singh
Speaker Harjot Singh CSO, McCann EMEA

Harjot is curious. And he loves pugs.

Born and raised mostly in India as the son of an Army Officer, Harjot remembers traveling and being fascinated by the world from as far back as he can remember.

He is most drawn to people who are shaped by their interest in constant discovery, learning, open mindedness and exploration.

An award winning global creative strategist, Harjot is on a relentless mission to learn, create and make the obvious brilliant. He has worked in Advertising for over 20 years and insists on the importance of being more worldly than global.

In the past 20 years he has traveled to over 70 countries, lived and worked in 6 countries, learned to make himself understood and give taxi directions in six languages, hosted a radio show in Shanghai, read the late night news on All India Radio, completed a first draft of a manuscript of his first novel, created a body of work for 2 art shows, failed and succeeded at several diets, and worked with some of the most well-known agencies in the world on nearly every category from packaged goods to banking, cars, retail, paints, telecom, tourism, cosmetics, credit cards and governments.

As Chief Strategy Officer for McCann Worldgroup in Europe and UK, Harjot is now based in London and leads integrated strategy teams across all McCann Worldgroup agencies in more than 25 countries.
Harjot also oversees the design, management and activation of content from Truth Central EMEA -the regional outpost of McCann Worldgroup's proprietary, global intelligence unit, across 33 countries in EMEA .

Under his leadership McCann Worldgroup have been ranked the most Creatively Effective Agency Network for 4 consecutive years in the Effies, Network of the Year at the IPA, Network of the Year at The Euro Efiies, and Network of the Year at WARC for the second year running.

Harjot has judged, spoken, and won awards at some of the most notable award shows in the industry including Cannes Lions, The Global, North American and Euro Effies, Adweek Europe, Eurobest, WARC, IPA, Jay Chiat Awards, etc.

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