The Unknown Impact of Share of Search

James Hankins
Speaker James Hankins Founder, Vizer Consulting

I advise on Strategy based on a Clear Commercial understanding, creatively executed.

An experienced and highly effective strategic leader with a broad and deep set of experience across multiple categories and brands including some of the biggest in the world with proven commercial impact.

Experienced in engaging senior clients (C-suite) throughout marketing and beyond, running teams and projects over an 18 years career.

A focus and proven ability to drive commercial value via Strategic analysis, formulation and managed direction for clients whatever the final execution/idea as well as multiple experiences running complex business and marketing planning processes. I have advised on solutions ranging from M&A, Change Management, E-commerce, Brand, Marketing, Innovation, Operations and Fulfilment and supervised the development and execution .

I have a clear understanding of data and it's myriad uses having always used it to support both problem diagnosis but also to support business cases and monitor ongoing performance. This commercial experience and understanding is combined with a classic understanding of brand, marketing and a creative mindset as evidenced by by multiple IPA effectiveness awards including DoH (X2), Virgin media, IKEA and John Lewis.

I have been published multiple times on a variety of platforms whilst my paper "The most important metric youve never heard of" details how Share of Search is an effective proxy for Share of Market. A groundbreaking insight with wide ranging implications that has been widely read and disseminated.

I've developed commercial products such as a quarterly macroeconomics digest and business analyst reports for various sectors, enabling me to provide a broad and consultative view upon broad business problems and opportunities across a range of categories and sectors.

Recent projects include creating a commercial proposition for a global Marketing group eCommerce offering, leading on a clients market prioritisation project and developing a consultative offering identifying growth opportunities.

Having developed and written a variety of behavioural processes and successfully rolled these out across complex and rapidly changing businesses I have developed a proven capability in change management in organisations and the requirements for success.

Current Lead editor, IPA Foundations, Media planning module.

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