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Will Humphrey
Speaker Will Humphrey Strategy Dir, Wunderman Thomps

Hello! I'm a Strategy Director at WundermanThompson.

I have an integrated background, having worked in major Advertising, PR, CRM and Digital agencies. I've devised strategies for work that spans from an award-winning experiential VR Garden for Cancer Research, to a TV show for Budweiser at Anomaly, right through to reinvigorating the CRM for O2's Priority platform at LIDA.

Career highlights to date include founding and running a planning department at Edelman (the world's largest PR firm), as well as leading many successful new business pitches; from the PR for Samsung's 2012 Olympics bid, right through to Land Rover's CRM program and Norwegian Air's brand direction.

Professionally, my goal is simple; to help create and shape great, forward thinking work. If you want to find out more about how I think, check out Will-Humphrey.com.

Finally, i'm also very interested in mentoring junior people and helping and encouraging young people to join the advertising and communications sphere. I co-founded AdGrads, a popular graduate blog. The best of it now resides at the AdMISSION, a blog I co-write with the IPA, the advertising industry's governing body. 

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