Never Smile in a Publicity Photo (and Other Tips)

James Cross
Speaker James Cross Creative Director, BBC

Tim and I are currently Creative Directors at BBC Creative.
We've worked together for 13 years.
And we've lived together too.
In fact, we even hang out in the same gang.
Essentially, we're like a modern day Richie and Fonzie.
Yet we still aren't sick of the sight of each other.
We've worked with great people and terrible people and learnt just as much from both.
We've made great work and terrible work and learnt just as much from both.
We believe in the power of simplicity.
We like zigging when everyone else are zagging.
We now know that greatness requires collaboration.
And that winning the client's trust is the best way to get to something special.
We've won a few awards, but we never mention them.
Plus they even let us judge them these days.
Big ones too, not just the crap ones.

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