Everything Different, Everything the Same, and Nothing in Between

Andrew Tenzer
Speaker Andrew Tenzer Dir. of Grp Insight, Reach Plc

Andrew Tenzer is Director of Group Insight for Reach Plc. He is responsible for designing and executing insight across its portfolio of brands. Andrew has worked at some of the most prestigious media brands, including Channel 4 and the BBC.

He has delivered several award-winning projects throughout his career including the much talked about Empathy Delusion. Passionate about marketing and advertising, Andrew is obsessed with understanding what makes people tick.

Ian Murray
Speaker Ian Murray Co-founder, House51

Ian is the co-founder of house51- an award winning research and strategy collective based in Glasgow and London. Taking a cross-cultural perspective, we conduct domestic and international research focusing on understanding people, not 'consumers'.

We apply the latest thinking from the behavioural and social sciences to help our clients develop relationships, products and services for the real world.

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