Tom Goodwin
Speaker Tom Goodwin Founder, All We Have Is Now

The best way to find out about me is to ask my mum, she's great on the phone. The second best is on my website What an obnoxious start, but it is true.

The best way to contact me is by email ( tom f goodwin at gmail dot com )- the very very worst way is via in the inbox on here.

Thanks to writing over 700 articles, regular TV / Podcast / Conference appearances and a few quotes and articles that got shared quite a lot, it appears I now have over 700,000 "followers".

I hate this term. Nobody is "following" me, I'm not leading anyone or being a Guru. I'm a well intentioned provocative background element that sparks things. I'm not an influencer, a thought leader or a "brand". I'm just lucky to have a platform to be an enabler of debates about the future.

I don't know more than others, but I know enough to ask good questions and listen to those who know more about things. My style is provocative. I do this to get better and more passionate answers, not because I care one iota about engagement stats or building a community, but because I'm curious and like to learn.

I passionately believe that we're alive at the most interesting time in the world, that new technology is making incredible things possible and that it creates enormously exciting and profound new things achievable for many people and businesses. I also think change is misunderstood, that many things are not changing, that many movements create existential threats and I'm here to try to provide guidance through this.

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