5 Reasons Why Working from Home Is a Terrible Idea (and What You Can Do about It)

Sarah Townsend
Speaker Sarah Townsend Copywriter & Author

Do you struggle to articulate the things that make your business special?

Perhaps you wish you were better at writing to promote your business.

Or maybe you just don't have the time – or the skills – to write persuasive copy that'll attract the right clients.

I can help.

Hello – I'm Sarah Townsend. As a freelance marketing copywriter and editor, I help businesses become more successful by using powerful, persuasive words to promote their products and services.

My clever copy can help you stand out from the crowd – from websites, brochures and newsletters to email campaigns, proposal documents and video scripts.

Work with me and you don't just get hardworking words – you benefit from 25 years of commercial marketing experience and all the skills and value that brings.

I'm one of those annoying people who LOVES their job (don't start me talking about the benefits of clear communication unless you have some serious time to spare!).

Though I'm a Gloucestershire copywriter I don't just work with local businesses. In fact, I have clients around the UK and overseas.

My clients range from big names such as RTL Group, the NSPCC, Mind and the University of Gloucestershire, to smaller businesses such as IT experts, marketing consultants, virtual assistants and food and drink companies.

I specialise in making complex information easy to understand, transforming dull, uninspiring words into compelling, engaging and effective copy that convinces your customers and gets results for your business.

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