How to Switch on When Your Mind Cannot Switch Off

Rachel Mercer
Speaker Rachel Mercer VP Head of Strategy, R/GA

Rachel Mercer is an award winning full-stack strategist and leader whose work is dedicated to guiding clients towards stability in a constantly shifting marketplace.

With a foundation in creative technology and design, Rachel has over a decade of experience both working in and leading multidisciplinary teams to create groundbreaking new products and communications in a client-service environment. Over her career, she's worked with complex organizations large and small to help them design products, campaigns, and experiences which transform their customer relationships.

Rachel occasionally lectures or produces supplemental curriculum for institutions like Miami Ad School, Hyper Island, VCU Brandcenter, and Northeastern University on modern practices.

Rachel has a strong history of being committed to raising the profile of fellow women and minorities working in the industry; creating spaces of mutual learning and support.

Shann Biglione
Speaker Shann Biglione Head of Strategy, Zenith

Marketing strategist, author and speaker. I have had the pleasure to work client and agency side, delivering creative, content, tech and media strategies for some of the world's biggest brands: Disney, GSK, P&G, LVMH, L'Oreal, BMW, Puma, Sands, among many others.

I practiced my swear words in London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. Beyond my daily work, I write and speak regularly about our industry, whether in trade press or marketing publications, and was voted 40 under 40 by Campaign Asia. More recently, I've been co-hosting The Overthinkers podcast with Rachel Mercer, a weekly debate about strategy and marketing.

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