A Marketing Poem: B2B Marketing and Creativity in Difficult Times

Brian Macreadie
Speaker Brian Macreadie Head of Marketing, AG

Brian Macreadie is a multi-award-winning B2B marketer. His team won the Grand Prix at the 2018 International B2B Marketing Awards, he was named Creative Individual of the Year at the B2B Marketing Awards 2017, his team was named Outstanding Marketing Team of the Year 2015 by Marketing Magazine, and his product development work received an innovation commendation from the FT.

In a career spanning B2B telecoms, professional services, defence software, media and sport, he has generated new revenues, developed new products and built brands using creative tactics ranging from global campaigns endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, to posting thousands of sponge fish to global telecom companies, through to (literally) haunting hundreds of the world’s most senior in-house lawyers.

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