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Andy Palmer
Speaker Andy Palmer Owner, Sell! Sell!

Andy is a creative business leader with over 30 years’ experience of making highly impactful, commercially successful, category-defining advertising campaigns. He’s been fortunate enough to work at some of London’s best agencies, including Lowe Howard-Spink and St Luke’s helping to mastermind campaigns for some of the world’s best brands including Stella Artois, IKEA, Clarks, HSBC and the COI.

In 2005 he joined forces with Vic Polkinghorne to form Sell! Sell!, building a thriving agency with a group of like-minded, long-standing clients across a wide range of projects, from long-running advertising campaigns to brand consultancy, packaging and design. Andy and Vic turned their learnings from their first ten years as Sell! Sell! into the book, How To Make Better Advertising And Advertising Better.

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