Un-squash Your Squashed Self

Trisha Lewis
Speaker Trisha Lewis Communication Coach

'You are too nice'... 'You frighten people'.... 'You are not assertive enough'... 'They don't feel they can open up with you'... 'you are too quiet'... 'you are too showy..'.....

Do you change who you are to fit what is expected?

Or do you build and blend who you are and want to be - and then, with a sense of ownership, consciously balance your strong/warm qualities to create maximum impact, engagement and feel-good factor all round?

You know which sounds more appealing!

When you understand this balance, you feel a sense of relief - and your motivation comes back to life. When you communicate with others in this 'state' - you inspire, support and motivate.

I do not 'niche' down in terms of who I coach.
I work with employers and employees, new and established business owners, teams and team leaders. I work with creatives, accountants - and creative accountants.

I work on mindset PLUS tactics and technique -because they work together.
Importantly - you expand your understanding of how you come across to others - in a safe space!

We can explore specifics in a discovery call.

When you work with me you get objectivity, the chance to 'mess up' and try out' along with insights and tactics from a communication professional.

One more thing - I am on a mission to ensure you release the real you - real you having real impact. I have experience and expertise in working through mindset barriers such as impostor syndrome, public speaking fear or confidence blips.

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