Culture Is Created in the Rub

Andrew Spurrier Dawes
Speaker Andrew Spurrier-Dawes Global Dig. Director, MediaCom

ASD is a Global Digital Director at MediaCom, focussing on Mars Food and Mars Pet Nutrition.

He co-hosts and produces the Connected podcast, talking to the greatest names in marketing, technology and everything good in our world. He also founded and co-hosts the Echoes of Glory Tottenham Hotspur podcast, at one point beating Stone Cold Steve Austin and TalkSport to being the 23rd most popular sports podcast in the UK.

He is also an Ultramarathoner, IronMan, Campaign 30 under 30, keen photographer (achieving his life dream of getting a photo in Nat Geo) and family man.

‘MediaCom’s polymath’ - Rory Sutherland
‘Intimidatingly fearless’ - Sue Unerman

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