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Dave Birss
Speaker Dave Birss Speaker & Trainer

I believe that creative thinking is a practical skill which can add significant value to a business. And that’s exactly what I focus on.

I've developed a number of training courses designed to help at every stage of the creative process. I show individuals how to improve their ability to have ideas. I show managers how to get better ideas out of teams. And I show everyone how to gather inspiration. I help leaders understand how to improve their judgement. And I run sessions that explain how to present ideas in a way that greatly increases your chance of selling them. I’ve run these sessions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. And I’ve run them across lots of industries.

I’ve spoken at events all over the world and have got some really good feedback from my talks (98.6% of people said they’d like to hear me speak again and my talks have been rated 4.8 out of 5). I focus on demystifying creativity and innovation. That involves debunking the BS, explaining how the brain works and giving people practical takeaways that will make an immediate impact.

I help companies improve their abilities to get valuable ideas from their teams. I start by conducting an audit to find out what can be improved and then helping them implement changes across their organisation. I cover training, processes, management styles, environment, culture, leadership and everything that has an impact on the way people think. The result is better ideas and more successful innovation. And ultimately a competitive advantage that earns you a bigger share of the market.

As well as working directly with companies, I also share my thinking in books and films. Just look me up on Amazon and YouTube to see what I've done. 

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