Let's: A Pep Talk for Sharing Stories to Build Community

Lior Locher
Speaker Lior Lorcher Coach & Consultant

When people ask me what I do, I sometimes say I’m a “baggage handler”. As a coach and consultant, I love working with messy change and transitions. My clients are individuals or growing businesses, passionate explorers called to make a deeper contribution towards a better future. We go deep and then make it practical. I’m a Fellow of the RSA and the Learning and Performance Institute, and have a bunch of degrees and certifications that are tangentially useful. I speak at conferences, deliver masterclasses and am a frequent podcast guest. Sometimes I write and make art.

My most recent book “The DIY Phoenix” helps when you don’t quite know what the next good thing will be in all the mess, but you have to keep yourself going to get there. 

Company: Christine Locher Ltd. (I grew up as Christine, speaking of change…)

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