My Motivation At Work

Sue Unerman
Speaker Sue Unerman CTO, MediaCom

I drive transformation for MediaCom, and our clients in the UK. Darwin said that it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive, but those most responsive to change. There is just so much change going on around that it's tough to do a day job and keep up to date with every new development. Forget FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Today its about COMO (CERTAINTY of Missing Out).

It’s our job at MediaCom to make sure that we track, engage with and assess all new developments – filter out the irrelevant ones – and bring our clients up to speed with those that matter.

I'm part of a team at MediaCom that has consistently moved MediaCom forwards – a crucial factor in its rise to become the number one company in its sector, and proud recipient of Campaign Mag's Agency of the Decade for the second time in a row.

My last book is The Glass Wall – called the year’s most significant addition to the debate on gender diversity at work - a collection of success strategies for women at work, and an invaluable guide for businesses that want to successfully develop the women who work for them.

Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg praised the book for “empowering women”. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP for EMEA described it as “a must-read”. Martha Lane-Fox called it “fantastic”. I'm working on a new book out in autumn 2020 on D&I 2.0.

I'm one of the HERoes - Champions of women in business 2019 and one of Female Lead's 20 in data and tech. I've been named by Campaign magazine as “Media Strategist of the Year” on more occasions than any other individual.

I blog at and am co-host of the MediaCom Connected Podcast. My first book on marketing “Tell the Truth, Honesty is your most powerful marketing tool” was published in summer 2012. I learnt about Agile as part of the UK Government Digital Advisory Board. In 2012 Internationalist Magazine named me Innovator of the year. I'm a contributing editor to Brand Republic. Global media head at Campaign, Gideon Spanier says: "Sue has led the way when it comes to driving change and challenging stereotypes"

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