How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love Data

Bogdana Butnar
Speaker Bogdana Butnar Experience Director, Accenture

I am a digital/tech strategist with a solid background in product/service design thinking and a good understanding of new media. My recent work focuses on re-conceptualising brand experience on end-to end consumer journeys and developing new content strategy frameworks to meet developing design standards.

Grew up with the Cluetrain manifesto principles ringing in my ears so I believe that the Internet is going to save the world and branded tech is the next interesting thing to tackle. Have been described as a no-nonsense decision maker, valuing autonomy and practical thinking above all else.

Solid team management experience, having led and managed 40+ creative and digital teams. Immersed in start-up culture, TED X Speaker and frequent contributor to social/digital conferences in Bucharest, Prague and London.

One-time blogger, struggling to keep up the momentum in the age of 140 character messages, I apply my methodical nature to baking intricate pastries that keep my colleagues entertained.

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