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Larner Caleb
Speaker Larner Caleb Creative Director, Creode

Creode is a digitally integrated agency which transforms the fortunes of brands through an effective combination of technical expertise and irresistible creative marketing. With first-class digital experience and a proven track record in creative effectiveness, we help clients maximise their online presence and achieve higher returns on their marketing investment, nationally and internationally. And with clear, practical strategy, big ideas and cut-through creative, together with real day-to-day partnership, we aim to make your working life easier in the process. We do it with straight-talking honesty, too, leaving marketing waffle on the shelf and any flash agency egos at the door.

How can I help you?

As a copywriter with (ahem) years' experience and a degree in Graphic Design, I'll give you a fully rounded view of your brand's creative and commercial potential. With a second degree at the University of Life, sponsored by The Royal Navy, I'll give you blood, sweat and integrity, which lacks any of that creative agency bunkum you might have heard before.

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